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Free Joomla Hosting Overview
Written by Administrator
Saturday, 09 August 2008 08:46

Get Joomla Hosting Free!

Here are JoomlaHostingFree.com, we offer free Joomla hosting and expertise.  We are Joomla experts and we know exactly how to provide excellent Joomla support as well as Joomla hosting absolutely free.

Our free Joomla hosting offers the most compatible versions of PHP, Joomla, and MySQL – all optimized to give you the absolute best and most reliable Joomla hosting for free. 

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The reason we're giving away Joomla hosting is because Andrew Hallinan is a Las Vegas Search Engine Optimization consultant and is hoping to gain a few new clients via offering free hosting.  Keep him in mind for all of your SEO needs!

Here are some features of your new free Joomla hosting account:

  • Optimized MySQL for faster Joomla experience
  • PHP 5 – the most up to date PHP version for Joomla
  • Mod_rewrite enabled which means you’ll be able to optimize your Joomla website for the search engines
  • Industry leading hardware which will power your free Joomla website
  • Already paying for web hosting?  No problem – we’ll move your Joomla website to our servers for free!
  • Features of free website transfer: